Electronic dossier for aesthetic patients


Aesmedix makes administration much easier for estheticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.
Forget paper files and create a digital dossier for your aesthetic patients.
It's simple to add consults. With the help of an Apple pen you can easily indicate on a drawing which product was treated in which place.
Keep track on your consults and payments.

Aesmedix has been specifically developed for and tested by aesthetic doctors.

No loss of time due to the classification of paper documents. Maintain a good overview of your aesthetic treatments.

Aesmedix works best on and iPad and also works on Mac! Download from the Mac App Store.

New: You can now also add the products you frequently use to Aesmedix. If you use a product in a treatment, you can enter a batch number. With Aesmedix you can always quickly find out which batch numbers have been used for past treatments.


Make your life easier and start using a digital dossier for your aesthetic patients.
Thanks to the secure automatic iCloud sync, your data will always be saved on your iCloud account. Just make sure you have enough storage on iCloud.
No one, except you, has access to your patient data.

Do you have multiple iPads, iPhones, or Macs on the same iCloud account? Great, Aesmedix synchronizes the data automatically.

what can you do with


Manage aesthetic patients

Simply add patients and during the consultation, fill in your treatment details by means of a short description and/or drawing. You can also attach a referrer to each patient. Powerful search functions make finding a patient or treatment easy.

Draw your aesthetic treatment

With the Apple Pencil you can easily draw where and how your patient was treated.

On a face, head, neck, thighs, etc.


Simply add the price of a treatment and then indicate whether and how it was paid, or whether the payment (partly) is still open.

Informed Consent

Create an Informed Consent, or other document that the patient can sign on your iPad based on your own template. This way the signed copy always remains in the dossier.

iCloud backup

Aesmedix synchronizes all data with your own iCloud account.
All patient and treatment data is only linked to your own iCloud account.
You can also make a manual backup and store it safely.

Create electronic reports

You can add products that you use during treatments. These products can then be added to specific consults. This with the batch number. This allows you to quickly find which batch numbers were used for which patients.

This traceability is becoming increasingly important.

Create electronic reports

You can easily create PDF reports of your patients, treatments, referrals and sales.

This with powerful search features so you can choose the content yourself.

Some examples

Aesmedix offers a lot of functionality to simplify your daily work.

Create a new patient

Add a patient with name, birth date and gender. You can also take a photo and add it. Optionally, you can add a referrer and other data. With an optional eID card reader You can read Belgian electronic identity cards. (only on iOS/iPadOS)

Create a drawing with the consult

With an Apple pencil, you can easily identify where and how you're treating. Choose from different colors and pen thicknesses.
Of course, you can do this with your finger, or with the mouse/trackpad on the Mac.

Choose from multiple backgrounds

Most aesthetic treatments are in the face, but sometimes also on the neck, thighs or head. In Aesmedix, you can choose from multiple backgrounds.

Digital Informed Consent

Let your patients with the Apple pencil (or finger) sign an electronically Informed Consent. This is kept in the dossier.
You can use your own template for this. Keep your own documents as a PDF file and import them into Aesmedix. Aesmedix can keep track of multiple documents per patient.

Only the iPad version of Aesmedix offers this feature. The Mac version does not because the Mac does not have a touchscreen with Apple pen.

Manage Products

Make a list of products you use during treatments. Each product contains a name, abbreviation and producer. Optionally, you can also add a "batch number format" of this product. This format is later used to verify that a entered batch number is correct.

Add products to a consult.

Add easily used products with batch number to a consult. Aesmedix remembers the last 5 batch numbers filled in so that they do not have to be re-entered over and over again. This saves a lot of time. Typos are also prevented by checking that the batch number corresponds to the correct format.
Later you can easily find which products (or batch numbers) were used for which consults. Here you can use the search function or by making a report.

Add payments for a consult

Suppose a consult costs 180 euro. You can enter how and when it was paid. Should a patient pay partly in cash, partly by bank transfer or card, you can indicate this. If there are still payments open, you can quickly find them with the search function.

Create a new referrer

Referred patients can be grouped by linking them to a referrer. Referrers can be added easily.
You can attach a referrer to each patient. Later, you can also search based on referrer.

Duplicating an existing treatment

Recurring patients often receive a similar treatment as last time. Therefore, with Aesmedix, you can simply duplicate a previous treatment. You can then make changes.

Powerful search function

Aesmedix has a powerful search function to quickly find a patient by name, date of birth, referrer, or treatment date. It is also possible to quickly find treatments that are not (fully) paid.

Create a report

With Aesmedix, you can create reports of patients, treatments, products and referrals. You can first create an accurate filter by name, date of birth, gender, referrer, date of consult, payment status, etc. Then you can specify what data will be on the report: photo, referral, treatment details, etc.

The report is generated in PDF format. You can then easily save, share, email or print it.

Secure reports and settings with a PIN code

Patient reports, treatments and turnover contain sensitive information. You can set a pin so that only you will see it.
It is also possible to restrict general access to Aesmedix with a PIN.

Create a report of turnover for certain periods

You can also create a report of the turnover including VAT. This can be as PDF, or can be exported as Excel file. This way you can quickly know what the turnover was in a certain period. The Excel reports are always per year and divided by quarter. This makes bookkeeping is very simple.

Make manual backups and restore them if necessary

With iCloud, Aesmedix can securely store all data. You can also make a manual backup and restore it if necessary. Useful if you switch iCloud accounts for example.


Easily manage settings. Such as practice name, date format, VAT percentages that apply in your practice, etc.
Also, there are many settings to customize the user interface to your preferences.
If you want, you can hide it behind an additional pin code.


Monthly payments


Free trial

  • All features
  • Max 30 treatments

Lite subscription

19,99 / month
  • All features
  • Add max 15 consults / month.
  • Pay through the Apple Appstore
Sold most


69,99 / month
  • All features
  • Unlimited number of consults
  • Pay through the Apple Appstore

Pay annually


Free trial

  • All features
  • Max 30 treatments

Lite subscription

240 199,99 / year
  • All features
  • Add max 15 consults / month.
  • Pay through the Apple Appstore
Sold most


839 699,99 / year
  • All features
  • Unlimited number of consults
  • Pay through the Apple Appstore

Aesmedix can be downloaded and evaluated for free. You’ll need an iPad with iOS/iPadOS 13 or later, or a Mac with Mac OS 10.15 or later   . The free version has all functionality, but is limited to 30 treatments. Purchases work on all devices (iPad, iPhone, or Mac) that use the same Apple ID.

If you want to use Aesmedix definitively, you can take a subscription via the Apple Appstore. There are monthly and annual subscriptions. There is also a special cheaper ‘Lite subscription’ for physicians who treat only few aesthetic patients. In this case, you can add up to 15 new treatments over a 30-day period. Contact   info@aesmedix.com for special conditions.

All payments run directly through the Apple Appstore.  You will receive an email from Apple with a VAT invoice. The prices quoted are incl. VAT.
Exact prices vary by location. The Apple Appstore will adjust the price for you.
You can cancel or change the subscription type at any time. Refer to here   how you can do that.

When you use Aesmedix you need to accept the General conditions and privacy policy .

Aesmedix Newsletter

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