Here are some frequently asked questions from users about Aesmedix and its use.

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Aesmedix general

Aesmedix is an app for iPad, iPhone and Mac that allows dermatologists, aesthetic physicians and plastic surgeons to keep an electronic record of their aesthetic patients.

To use Aesmedix, you need a recent iPad (iOS 13 or later) or a Mac (Mac OS 10.15 or later). Preferably also an Apple pen with the iPad to make it easier to draw.

You also need an iCloud account with enough storage so Aesmedix can store your data in iCloud.

If you drop your iPad/iPhone, or it will be stolen, Aesmedix automatically syncs all data back from iCloud on your new device. All you need is your iCloud log-in data. So always ensure a sufficiently secure Apple ID password and turn on 2-factor authentication.

Aesmedix stores your patient data locally on your iPad. Aesmedix also automatically synchronizes the data with your iCloud account. This information is only linked to your personal iCloud account. No one else can get this data, even the Aesmedix developers can’t.

So always ensure a sufficiently secure Apple ID password and turn on 2-factor authentication. Only someone with access to your Apple ID can access the Aesmedix patient with data!

You can locally backup Aesmedix data and export it, e.g. to your PC, email, … . In this case, you are responsible for safe storage.

Only you on your iPad or iPhone can access your patient data.

Make sure Aesmedix always has access to iCloud so that your data is synchronized. Regularly make a manual backup and keep this backup in a safe place.

You can download Aesmedix from the Apple Appstore for iPad, iPhone or Mac. There is no Android version of Aesmedix.

Yes, you can download Aesmedix from the Apple Appstore for free. With the free version you can add up to 30 treatments (consultations). All functionality is available.

If you want to continue using Aesmedix, a subscription is required.

All your data remains in Aesmedix, and you can continue to access it. You just can’t add new consults anymore.

If you miss a particular feature in Aesmedix, you can send an email to support@aesmedix.com.

We cannot commit, but your request will be taken into account.

To start, install the latest version of Aesmedix from the Appstore. If the bug still occurs, please send an email to support@aesmedix.com.

Describe the bug, preferably with screenshot of it. Also include your device, iOS version, and version of Aesmedix.

Yes. You can configure multiple iPads with the same Apple Id. For example, create a new Apple ID for practice. Then synchronize the different patient data via iCloud.

For security reasons It is not possible to link multiple Apple Ids to the same patient database.

For example, you can use Aesmedix for aesthetic patients only. It is not possible to link Aesmedix with other software .

Of course, you can transfer your paper dossier to Aesmedix, but this is a lot of work.

For example, it is possible to add existing patients to Aesmedix, and then create a first (fake) treatment with important notes about this patient. You can then add photos of the paper instead of the patient. This way you can view them in Aesmedix.

What a pity. If you would like to stop using Aesmedix, please let us know what the reason is.

You can create a report per patient in Consult Report. Save or print the PDF file.

Exporting to other electronic dossier software is not possible.

Technical questions

U heeft een Apple iPad of iPhone met iOS 13 of hoger nodig. Or a Mac with Mac OS 10.15 or later. The Mac version doesn’t make it possible to take photos (you can import photos), or sign documents (such as an Informed Consent).

Aesmedix automatically synchronizes data with iCloud. This is to always have a secure backup of your data.

Go to the iCloud settings of Apple Settings, go to iCloud and make sure there is enough storage space. Also make sure That Aesmedix has access to iCloud.

For each consult you can add a price. You can then add the payment or payments for this treatment. A treatment can be paid in cash, by card or bank transfer, or with a combination of these.

A red exclamation mark means that the full price of a treatment has not yet been paid. So there’s an open amount.

A red question mark means that you have not chosen a payment method for a payment.

You can easily find these types of treatments with the search function. Choose ‘consult’ and enter a ! or ? in. This makes it easy to find these consults.

You can open the treatments, go to payment and add missing payments, or choose the payment method.

This automatically keeps track of your accounting.

Ask a question to Aesmedix support

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